It’s good to sit down and do absolutely NOTHING

Just before I wrote this blog post I was just looking out my window. The rain pouring gently outside as the sky is filled with grey clouds. Some people going out and they walk kinda fast with their heads down and their heads covered from the rain. I see the cars on the bridge driving. I see the flag on the flag pole wave a little bit even though it’s not very windy. I can hear the raindrops a little at the time hit my roof.

These are some of the things I notice when I do absolutely nothing. I just am! As it turns out there are benefits of doing nothing at all. Before I wrote this blog post, and looking out the window, I watched a video about the importance of doing nothing. The video is from Dr. Steve G Jones:


2 Nighttime Subliminals coming soon!

I just followed inspiration and created two subliminal recording that will help program the subconscious mind on people.

The first one is about letting go of romantic one-sided feelings towards someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. The reason I made this is because I want to help you move on.

The next subliminal is for music producers to have a mindset of a world-famous music producer and reach your full potential.

Look forward to them 🙂


Keeping straight posture is good for your health, confidence and spirit

All my life I’ve had a back that hasn’t had the best posture. However, it has improved quite a bit. The reason was that I found out the benefits of keeping straight back.

The first thing is that a straight back is increasing your confidence. And when you think about it, People who keep a good posture look happier and more confident as you look at them.

Source about straight back and confident:

If we look at how a good posture is helping you spiritually. People who do chakra meditation and Kundalini uses straight back. The reason for this is to align your chakras. And aligned chakras is necessary to raise your kundalini. I meditate everyday and I’ve noticed that you sense more of the meditation if the posture is good. I usually sit in a chair or against a wall. The important thing is so that my back is straight and my chakras aligned.

Straight back is also necessary in Qigong. Qigong is also excercises for your chakras and wellbeing. When you do Qigong excercises it’s good to keep a good posture at the time. I’m also doing Qigong every day and a good posture has helped me feel improvement,

Straight back is helping you get more energy when you sit up straight or do Qigong or anything with straight back.

More about that from Steve G Jones – Heal With Qigong.

Feng Shui Your Home

I’m a believer in Feng Shui and I am using Feng Shui in my life. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese belief that you have different areas in your home that will give you everything from relationships to abundance. I’m not gonna go into detail on what you can do to Feng Shui in the advanced way, but I will give you some tips on how to do Feng Shui changes in your home that you can do every day as it is:

1. Clear your home from clutter, especially from the front door. It’s from the front door that Qi-energy can come in. So make sure to clear everything that blocks your front door. Also try to clean your home from old stuff that you don’t need anymore. By clearing old stuff you make room for new stuff.

2. Make your bed

3. Make sure that stove, fridge, toilet and sink is clean.

4. Open your bedroom window once a day to let energy come in to your bedroom.

5. Let go of dead or ill flowers or plants since they give your home negative energy.

These are some of the things I do, and that’s a good start 🙂

How to become your own coach

A coach is very important if you want to become successful. A coach will push you and guide you to take action. A coach can also be a teacher to give you tips and techniques to use.

I don’t have a real coach. However, I’m using many coaching programs for different areas and I also have coaches on facebook groups which has helped me a lot. But let’s say you can’t afford a coach, or you feel uncomfortable with coach? Then coach yourself. I highly recommend that you find many good programs and tips out there, but the most important thing is to take action. This is how you can coach yourself to take action:

I assume you have a bathroom mirror. Get a whiteboard pen and write the things you need to do today on the mirror. You can easily wipe whiteboard colors away from the window. The reason I want you to write on your bathroom mirror is because that’s the mirror you see everytime you go to the bathroom during the days. This will be a reminder on what actions you need to take. Perhaps you need to write something important to someone on an email before the day ends that could give you something big. Then write that reminder on that mirror and then take action as you remember it.

Another thing you can do is to write positive words to yourself on the mirror. I do that and it has helped me in certain areas of life.

Have a good day 🙂

Apply Law Of Attraction Into Your Life!

What is the law of attraction? It’s something that works all the time, for everyone!

It means that you get what you unconsciously focus on. Be stlll for a little while and look around yourself. What do you see?

Realise that everything you see around yourself right now, you attracted! I mean everything, that includes the people you see around you, the places you go to and even the place you live right now. And if you are reading this blog post it means that you also attracted that. Sounds weird? I think so too, but that is the case. You attract EVERYTHING!

So how do you change your vibrations so that you can attract a fulfilling wealthy life?

– Affirmations

– Positive attitude

– Greatfullness

– Helping others

– Hypnosis

– Subliminal Recordings.

Make sure to do positive things that will make you happy. Your happiness created vibrations that brings positive things into your life.

Now, you might think I’m being all weird and crazy, but I want to tell you something that happened to me not long ago because of the law of attraction:

I was following my favorite soccer team. They were playing a game. They scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game. I was happy for a long time after that. Later that day I was invited to a party by my friend Benji Of Sweden. I got there and there I met new DJ’s and producers and created new music connections! In other words, this was a day that made everything work because I felt happiness!

Still doesn’t believe me? Okay, let’s look at something else:

A few years back I was not in alignment with the Law of Attraction or anything spiritual. And I had crisis with an ex girlfriend whom I still had feelings for, and I had lots of stress and worries. Also there was a guy who used to do bad things to make me feel bad such as sending photos of him having my ex on his lap. And my ex used to call other guys in front of me on purpose which made me feel bad. I discovered meditation and greatfulness online and started applying them. What happened just days later was something really weird: ”The guy that used to send me bad pictures stopped and actually became nice, My ex stopped doing things in front of me, and a month later after learning the techiques and I actually got myself a girlfriend. This came very fast to me, and I’m still seeing things today that are happening to me that is becoming better and better. So I advice you to align Law of Attraction into your life, wheter you believe in it or not.