Release will soon be taken down and postponed.

I recently released my track ”Lucid Dreaming” including one remix. You might have realised that the remix sounded way too distordered. That part is my fault. I did the mastering of the tracks, but I wanted to hurry the mastering without checking the whole song. Oh well, now I know to check things more clearly before doing anything.

Anyhow, the new upcoming re-release will sound much better in quality and we will also add a third remix into it.




Time to Lucid Dream

Today is a wonderful day. Christmas is around the corner, and my new release is coming out today on Beatport! The release is called Lucid Dreaming and the genre is Deep House. I got the inspiration for this song after reading about Lucid Dreaming and such. Lucid Dreaming means that you know that you are dreaming. When you know that you can do anything. A few days back I was aware of my dream so I decided to fly. I started flying over buildings in my dream. It was awesome 🙂 I hope you will enjoy this release! Love from me 🙂