Your subconscious decides your future as music producer (Tips on how to program your subconscious for music success)

More and more I have started understanding why some people succeed living their dream lives while others don’t. This is also an important part when creating music.

Your thoughts are your limits!

I think many producers out there know the feeling of getting rejected often by big labels they really want to get in to. This includes me. It can really take big on your self esteem and you lose motivation to keep producing because you think that it won’t lead you anywhere. However, some producers manage to make it to the top almost instantly. Why is that? The answer is simple: They have a different mindset.

Were they born with it? I don’t know, but a lot of how we act in our normal life comes from past experiences. If someone for example is very shy that person might have a hard time in the dating life as well, and that itself can take even more on the self esteem and make things worse, especially if it’s a repeating cycle. Another example is people who seem to fall for the same kind of person every time, even though they know that sort of person is not right for them. All these are subconscious thoughts. The kind of person we fall in love with is something about our subconscious. This also is the truth about music producers. The ones who succed has a good subconscious mindset about it.

The good news are that it’s pretty simple to progam your subconscious to reach your goals or change behaviors you don’t like about yourself. My secret is to listen to affirmations as you sleep. That way your subconscious will take up the information without your conscious mind hearing it and being sceptical about it. Your subconscious sees everything as fact. So if you for example tell your subconscious that you are an outgoing charming person, your subconscious says: ”Okay, let’s go!”

This is also the truth if you want to use affirmations to become more creative in your music productions and have the energy to produce. You can easily make an affirmation recording with your phone mic or computer mic and loop as you sleep. I listen to affirmations every night as I sleep. If you listen to music at night while sleeping I suggest that you are careful about what kind of messages the music is sending to your subconscious. For example: Looping all night ”I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?” will not make the situation better, however if the lyrics are ”Because I’m happy” it will actually have positive effects on you.

Now. If you want to develope yourself in your music productions and feel that you are stuck, do following:

Find something you can record your voice with and say following:

”I am a good music producer, My creativity increases every day. I have lots and lots of energy to produce every day and I feel happy and positive while creating music. I have a good ear for hearing when I need to modify something in the song and I always go for the best possible.”

You can always say more than that, but I feel that you get the point. As you see now, I didn’t say ”I will become good at producing” I actually said ”I AM good at producing” so that it will be sent to my subconscious. This is what hypnotherapists do to improve people. For some people this affirmation sleeping process will work instantly, for others it might need some time. However, my advice is to sleep with the affirmations for 3 weeks (21 nights) in a row to see really positive results. And not just in music. You can do this in almost any area of your life. It won’t magically make you pro on producing, but it will give you the boost to improve.

I’m a believer in the Law of attraction, which claims that whatever your mindset is, you will attract those things into your life. If you are open about the Law of attracrion than these sleeping affirmations are definatly for you, however, anyone can use them to program your subconscious and reach success!

I want to thank Dr. Steve G Jones and Dr. Joe Vitale for helping me see these oppertuneties through their blogs.

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