Keeping straight posture is good for your health, confidence and spirit

All my life I’ve had a back that hasn’t had the best posture. However, it has improved quite a bit. The reason was that I found out the benefits of keeping straight back.

The first thing is that a straight back is increasing your confidence. And when you think about it, People who keep a good posture look happier and more confident as you look at them.

Source about straight back and confident:

If we look at how a good posture is helping you spiritually. People who do chakra meditation and Kundalini uses straight back. The reason for this is to align your chakras. And aligned chakras is necessary to raise your kundalini. I meditate everyday and I’ve noticed that you sense more of the meditation if the posture is good. I usually sit in a chair or against a wall. The important thing is so that my back is straight and my chakras aligned.

Straight back is also necessary in Qigong. Qigong is also excercises for your chakras and wellbeing. When you do Qigong excercises it’s good to keep a good posture at the time. I’m also doing Qigong every day and a good posture has helped me feel improvement,

Straight back is helping you get more energy when you sit up straight or do Qigong or anything with straight back.

More about that from Steve G Jones – Heal With Qigong.



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